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Buy to Let Remortgages

You may already own a property that you rent out or may be looking to remortgage your home to buy a second property that you wish to let out. This can be a very good way of investing for the future if researched properly but there have, in recent times, been many repossessions involving buy to let properties where the investor had been unable to generate the rental income needed to meet the mortgage payments.

So don't go into this blind, make sure you have fully researched what your liabilities and responsibilities as a landlord will be. Your tenants not paying the rent on time will not absolve you of your reponsibility to pay the mortgage promptly, and you could find yourself in a costly legal battle with the lender on one side and your tenants on the other side. If the property you are looking to invest in is overseas this can be even more complicated. Make sure you get sound financial advice and fully understand what it is you are getting into.

That is not to say that this is not a good way of investing your money. Over a sustained long term period property values have always increased so the returns can be very good.

A little bit of trivia!

One of the UK's richest women is a lady who speculated by buying properties in Ashford (Kent) prior to the Eurostar development who now lets her properties out to businessmen and commuters. It's said that if she were to put all her properties on the market at the same time this would create a property crisis in the town!

Always get independent advice on these products!

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